Join us on Monday, September 11th and Tuesday, September 12th for RMG Live! 2017

We've changed the schedule for RMG Live! 2017.  Rather than 3 full days, it's a 1-1/2 day event with a killer line up.   David Salman, Debra Prinzing, Paul Cady, Dylan Strike, Cheryl Moore-Gough, Danielle Nicholas,  3 hands-on flora workshops with Remy Greco-Brault and Josh Pecukonis and evening entertainment by the cowgirl yodeler Brigid Reedy.
Facebook Trivia Answer:
Which fruit has the most calories and the most protein?  Avocados, with 167 calories per 100 grams, and about 4 grams of protein each.

As gardeners transplanted from the East, we learned what many others have before and since: It’s different here in the mountains!

The challenges are many: Short growing seasons. Drought. Cool nights. Hail. Deer. Voles. Gophers and ground squirrels. Poor soil. Wind.

With help, we also learned that you can have great gardens in the Rocky Mountain region—you just need to know a little more.

Unable to find a magazine addressing these challenges, we published the first issue of Rocky Mountain Gardening (formerly Zone 4) in Spring 2009. Our mission: To help others be successful high-elevation gardeners, and to connect them with people and places sharing the same interests.

Finally, a gardening and local foods magazine for us!

Andra and Dan Spurr
Founding publishers